Casinos With 1000% Bonus

It would probably be fair to say that the new Mega Reel sites “1000% bonus offers” are a little different to the kind of Online Casino bonuses that you may be used to.


Don’t worry though, they are quite easy to understand because, instead of a set welcome bonus, players are invited to spin the Mega Wheel, where the prizes range from a 100% matched deposit bonus all the way up to 1000%. So, you can see why this type of offer is causing a bit of a stir within the online casino industry.

Casinos With 1000% Bonus


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Jumpman’s 1000% Bonus vs normal offers?

OK, let’s take a closer look at the Jumpman Gaming 1000% bonus offer, so that you can decide whether it is something that you would like to get involved with or not.


Before we get started though, you should be aware that even though you will often see this bonus referred to as a “1000% bonus offer”, that figure is not guaranteed.


The Jumpman sites with a 1000% bonus, offer players the opportunity to spin the Mega Reel which will decide the size of the bonus they will receive.


The Mega Wheel is split into different sections, with each section displaying a prize, unless you are unlucky and the wheel lands on the ‘Unlucky’ section, which means exactly what it says. That you have been unlucky and haven’t won anything.


The winning sections are labelled as a 100% bonus, 200% bonus, 300% bonus, 500% bonus and the main prize, the 1000% bonus.


There is also a ‘Spin Again’ section and if the wheel lands there, yes you guessed correctly, another spin of the wheel is granted.


The minimum deposit is £10 in order to trigger a spin of the Mega Reel, so you can do the maths regarding the amount which can be won. Although, if you want to feel a little adventurous, consider the possible winnings if you deposit £100!


Whilst we are on the subject of the potential winnings from the Mega Reel, let’s take a look at the other prize options on the reel and compare them to the welcome bonuses at regular online casinos.


  • 100% – Perhaps the most common online casino bonus offer. The chances of the Mega Wheel landing on any of the two 100% sections on the wheel has odds of 2/9
  • 200% – Another common offering at Online Casinos. For example, a deposit of £50 for a £100 bonus and the chance of this landing on the Mega Wheel is 1/9
  • 300% – There are two 300% sections on the wheel and the odds of them landing is 2/9
  • 500% – The odds on the 500% section landing is 1/9, so if you deposited £10, you would be awarded a £50 bonus and with the £10 deposit, a playing balance of £60.

Terms and conditions for 1000% Bonus

As with all online casino bonuses, there are terms and conditions involved, so it would be negligent of us if we didn’t cover this subject in detail.


It should be remembered that we are not a casino, and the well-being of our readers comes at the forefront of everything we do, hence our motto, ‘We stand by our players’ side’.


With that in mind, you should take on board that the bonuses which are displayed on the Mega Wheel come with an enormous wagering requirement of 65x the bonus, plus the deposit which was used to trigger the bonus.


From our experience, these are the highest wagering requirements we have come across, up to this date, when playing and reviewing the online casino industry.


We have gone through the terms and conditions of the Mega Wheel bonus offer with a fine tooth comb and listed the most important points below.

  • The section which the wheel lands on will determine the bonus which you are awarded. As an example, if you have deposited £10 and the wheel lands on the 1000% section, you will win £100 and a total of £110 to play with (including the bonus)
  • It is your choice as to whether you take advantage of the Mega Wheel Bonus option or not
  • If your deposit is made using the “Quick Deposit option”, you must contact customer support, who will add the bonus credit to your account.
  • Winnings from the Mega Wheel are added to your account as bonus cash
  • Winnings from the Bonus Wheel are subject to a wager requirement of 65x the deposit, 65x the bonus plus 65x any remaining wagering requirement.
  • Bonus wagering are the only funds which count towards the wagering requirements.
  • Bonus funds can never be withdrawn from your account
  • The maximum withdrawal from the life of your casino account is £250. This means that if you have already withdrawn winnings of £200 and after wagering a prize from the Mega Wheel, you are left with a £300 balance, you will only be able to make a withdrawal of £50, the remaining funds will be removed
  • Bonus wagering is not permitted on progressive jackpot slots
  • All variants of blackjack and roulette do not count towards bonus wagering requirements


What is the best casino offering the 1000% bonus?

One of the best Jumpman casinos offering the 1000% bonus is “Fairground Slots”, which is a reliable online casino established in 2018 and which has gained a very good reputation.

How many times can I spin the wheel?

You can only spin the wheel once, but if the wheel lands on the ‘Spin Again’ section, you will obviously be able to spin the wheel again. It is worth bearing in mind that as you move up the Jumpman Casino levels, you will find that you will be presented with more opportunities to spin the Mega Wheel.

When can I withdraw the Bonus Funds?

You can only withdraw the winnings generated from the bonus funds when the wagering requirement of 65x the deposit and withdrawal have been completed. However you should also be aware of the clause within the terms and conditions which states that a maximum of £250 from bonus funds can be withdrawn during the lifetime of the casino account.

Are there free spins provided alongside 1000% Bonus?

There are not any free spins available alongside the 1000% bonus offer, but there are various offers, such as “Pro Free Spins” which are available across Jumpman casinos. For full details, take a look at the promotions page on the casino where you are playing, as well as checking your emails from Jumpman Gaming casinos for any specific free spins offers which are available to you.