As we have already said, we are players and we love spinning the reels especially in new slots. One thing that we hate is not knowing what the game we play is about. What is this symbol? Does the game have a bonus round? And if yes, how do I get there. On this page, you will find detailed slot reviews for classic, old, and new slots.


But we do not stop there. We want you to share your opinion in the comments under each game. This way we can together become the ultimate destination where everyone can find slot reviews from players. Select from the following list the game you wish, using filters and let the fun begin. Good luck!


Online Slot Reviews

In the table below you will find all slots listed on Mega Reel sites. Through the filters you can have them displayed by provider, feature, theme, Variance or RTP. Then, press the Play For Free button, to play the slot in demo mode, read the review or just to find your new Mega Reel site.

What We Review In Each Slot?

Ask 10 players to review 3 different slots and let us know if you get 2 same answers. Some of them will love the gameplay, but not the RTP, others will hate the music, and the show goes on. Having this in mind, we tried to create a list of things that will be the same (as close as we can get) to all players. Let’s see it.


We review games by the top and well-known providers

We always believe in quality over quantity. But what about having both offered? That’s what we promise! We want you to play the very best games by the top and well-known slot providers in the industry. The developers allow you to access a catalog of slots that come with top features such as bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers, progressives, among others.There is no better feeling than increasing your returns!


Trust us to guide you to the credible developers and not the scam providers that have questionable RNG and RTP, bad reviews, questionable payouts, and generally, lack the necessary approval.

Themes, graphics, and audio

There is attention to detail in every slot. This is an aspect that every provider puts into consideration when launching the slots. Remember, aside from the payouts you can get, slots should be both fun and relaxing to play. This is achieved via the themes, graphics, and soundtracks or audio incorporated.


Themes should be engaging and relatable to players. How do you fancy a slot inspired by your favorite TV show? Imagine having a ‘concert’ from your favorite band while playing the slots. How about having an adventure slot taking you to the jungle to find a hidden treasure? The gambling industry is evolving and we are here to show you the best slots that match the descriptions.


The soundtracks set the mood of the game. An adventure-themed slot with treasure to find and zombies to fight has to be accompanied by scary soundtracks. This combined with high-quality graphics, provides an adrenaline rush and makes you want to try spinning more to find the treasure while fighting the zombies. Oh! We are here to tell you that a slot with average graphics doesn’t always equal a bad slot! With numerous features and symbols, high RTP, and favorable volatility, regard it as a top slot.


Lastly, a good slot is that which is playable on multiple devices. Top providers will ensure the game is created via HTML5 technology ensuring compatibility and instant play on mobile phones. You don’t need to get locked in front of your desktop always; you can play on the go via your mobile!

Bonus Features and Mechanics

Our reviews do not merely focus on the themes, graphics, and audio. We dive deeper into the bonus features and mechanics offered on these top slots. We are diverse and realize that we have all kinds of players from the low-stake to the high-stake ones. This is why looking at the bet sizes matters. We also have slots with a minimum bet size of as low as £0.01 to as high as £10.


High roller slots can have the bet size going to hundreds of pounds. Whereas a common myth is that reels affect the RTP, variance, and hit frequency on the slots, this is not the case. However, paylines will play a part in impacting them. We review slots that offer both adjustable paylines and fixed paylines and you can use the filter tools to select them. With RTP, we recommend and review slots with 96% meaning the house edge is somewhat lower.


Volatility and hit frequency intermarry and we get in return games with high, medium, and low volatility with a hit frequency of around 20%, 30%, and 40% respectively. Finally, we take a look at the limits of the game, pointing out the slot suitable for low-stake players and high-rollers!

Play the demo of the game

Now here comes the best part! Wanna see if our review matches the real deal? How about trying the slot for free? Yes. You can try out the different slots that can be found on Mega Reel Sites for free in demo mode with no deposit needed. All you need is to select the slot that interests you from our list and then proceed to the ‘demo mode’ option to play.


Remember, it doesn’t matter how good a slot may seem in a review, it is always good for you to try it before making the final decision. Get to try the slots and have an opinion that you can also share with us. Try to trigger some of the bonus features and understand how they work. But why should you try playing in demo mode before real money play?


A lot of pros attached to playing free slots include:

  • You stand at no risk of losing your money
  • You gain a lot of insight into the game while understanding how the symbols and the features work
  • You can select the best slot to play and settle on a provider
  • You get wholesome entertainment
  • You can learn new strategies and tricks
  • You can compete against some of your friends

Last but not least: The player reviews

We put the player at the center and while making reviews, we want to engage the players who play the slots more. We always want to hear your reviews and see if they match ours. We are open to all kinds of feedback as this makes us get better in the field and helps us make more honest reviews following the parameters you note.


We have many other reasons we want to hear your feedback:


  • We are constantly updated on the slots that have not been reviewed and ought to.
  • We are informed about new slot releases that should capture our attention.
  • We become aware of how easy it was to understand the slot from our review and what other aspects need to be covered.