Best New Slots August 2022

August, although mainly a holiday month, proved to be particularly productive and creative for the iGaming industry. 15 new slots were released and are about to make players’ leisure time even more interesting.


In the following paragraphs we will take a look at the best new slots for August 2022 along with the essential points you should know before trying your luck with them.


Read our reviews beforehand and be ready to find and play the new August 2022 at Jumpman gaming slot sites safely.

Τreasures of Kilauea – Microgaming/PearFiction

Beguiling Hawaii and the active Kilauea volcano form the scenery that greets players in the new game from Microgaming/PearFiction that was released in August 2022.


The smiling Kilauea volcano is waiting for you to experience great thrills. Set in a lush tropical landscape, the 5-reel frame offers you 40 paylines. The volcano on the right has a human form, with a mouth ready to devour you and eyes that will burn anyone standing before them.


Beware! Things are not as they seem, the volcano is not there to burn you down, but to lift you up to the great gifts that its eruptions offer.


The symbols are inspired by masks of the Polynesian tradition. When you start the game, you notice that the top wheel has three positions where symbols appear, to the right and left of which there are two figures with a countdown counter.


The counter on the left goes from ten to zero, and when completed, all the positions where the volcano symbol was will give out wild symbols on the next spin, allowing for a big win.


The position where the symbols once appeared are distinguished by a golden frame.


When you have completed 50 spins the winnings are doubled, because in addition to the wild symbols that appear in the places where the symbol once appeared, the roar of the volcano and the lava eruption mean additional wild symbols or wild multipliers.


The bonus round offered by scatter symbols (free spins) hides a double prize and you should think smart before choosing.In addition to the free spins, you have the option to select the number of wild symbols that appear in a different position of the frame in each of the free spins, bringing the wins closer.


The combination consists of more free spins and less wild symbols and vice versa.


  • 3 scatters: 15 free spins with 5 wilds, 10 free spins with 7 wilds or 5 free spins with 10 wilds
  • 4 scatters: 30 free spins with 5 wilds, 20 free spins with 7 wilds or 10 free spins with 10 wilds
  • 5 scatters: 45 free spins with 5 wilds, 30 free spins with 7 wilds or 15 free spins with 10 wilds

The surprises don’t stop there though. If luck is by your side and the idol symbol lands on the golden frame of the top wheel, you’ll get to the Jackpot wheel, which can offer you up to 5000x your bet.


The game comes with a fairly low RTP of 94% and high volatility. Through playing you find out for yourself low RTP and high volatility increase the satisfaction within the game as the twists are continuous.


The beautiful, vivid graphics and the music you hear in the background contribute to the experience.

Cats of the Caribbean – Microgaming

Snowborn Games, in collaboration with Microgaming, released Cats of the Caribbean, a fantastic slot, in August 2022. Full of innovations, fantastic graphics and winnings that will make you fall in love with it at first sight.


The title is obviously a reference to a well-known movie, as pirates are the theme here as well , only in our game the pirates are cats. Fight them and get the pirate treasure. The symbols are typically the pirate flag, the pirate hook and of course the parrot and the octopus of our ship can not be missing.


The gunpowder-smoking cat crew shoots its way with the cannon and is after an immense pirate treasure. What you should definitely know about the game is that it has a high volatility and an RTP of 96%, and in combination with the maximum win, which is x10000, anything can happen.


The 5 reels with 3 positions are mounted on the pirate mast and offer 20 paylines, the cannon is ready and the bomb box is constantly filled.


Wild Canon feature: The feature is activated randomly and the cannon drops between 2 and 15 wilds on the reels, bringing the win closer than ever. In our game, each wild symbol of a winning combination is stored in the ammo box and used in the Wild Canon.


Bonus round: The game offers 3 different colored bonus rounds corresponding to each of the cat pirates. Spin the reels and land three free spins symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. The color of the symbol determines both the free spins won and the wild symbols won.

Red scatter: Corresponds to Captain Red Free Spins and offers 15 free spins and 40 wilds.

Green scatter: Corresponds to Captain Catnip Free Spins and offers 12 free spins and 40 wilds.


Purple Scatter: Corresponds to Captain Claw Free Spins and offers 10 free spins and 40 wilds.


Cats Pot: 3 Cats Pot symbols are enough to pave the way for a jackpot of 10000x your bet. This can be a huge win considering that the stakes range from £0.25 to £25. If you are impatient hunters of victory, you will definitely be disappointed to see cascading reels missing.

Greedy Wolf – Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play’s Greedy Wolf was released in August 2022 and aspires to take us on a journey back to our childhood through the world of fairy tales and cartoons. The story is well known and you are surely familiar with the evil wolf’s attempt to eat the 3 little pigs by tearing down their little house.


The game stands out for its very beautiful graphics that aim to show in detail the vivid and almost natural characters.


The five reels of the game await you on a green meadow where the three little pigs want to build their little house.


The main characters are the Little Pigs and the bad wolf who, nevertheless, seems pleasant and whose role in the game is certainly the most important for the winnings you will get.


The game is highly variable and offers an RTP of 96.5%, which is above the average slot performance. Offers a max win of up to 3000x and a betting range from £0.20 to £100.


When starting the game, you can activate the ante Bet feature, which increases your bet by 25%, but offers you the opportunity to enter the bonus round with 5 scatter symbols instead of the 6 normally required.


The bonus round brings 6 free spins, which increase when new scatter symbols appear during the round.


Guaranteed Win: As its name suggests, it offers you a guaranteed win of 20x and more. Just when you think you are in for a losing spin,suddenly the wolf appears and wipes out the symbols with a loud blow and the new ones offer an unexpected win.


Greedy Wolf Wild: It is activated when the wolf symbol appears on the 3rd reel covering it entirely . Then the piggies are replaced by a wild card and a wolf reveals your win. The maximum win of 3000x could be considered small; however, it should be seen in relation to the bet amount. The freshness of the images makes the game distinguishable, the animated graphics with the wolf chasing the little pigs blowing with rage to tear down their little houses. Jumpman slots sites offer you the opportunity to try out all Pragmatic Play game releases for real money.

Black Bull: Pragmatic Play’s August 2022 new slots continue to impress us with Black Bull. The five reels with 4 lines are set in the typical wild west landscape, the fences of a farm, the wheel of a wagon they are trying to repair and the huge rocks in the background leave you no room for mistakes.

The protagonists are the animals of the Wild West, and the black bull’s power is sure to scare you. Find the gold coins and collect their value every time a wild card appears in the bonus round.


The bonus round is triggered when at least 6 scatter symbols, i.e. gold coins with a bull, appear on the reels.

  • 6-11 money scatters award 6 free spins.
  • 12-17 money scatters award 8 free spins.
  • 18-20 money scatters award 20 free spins.

At the beginning of the bonus round, the coins that have appeared on the table show their monetary value, and their sum is displayed on the top right of the bag of gold coins. The amount resulting from the appearance of the scatter coins is added up and credited to you every time the wild symbol appears.


Let’s see how all this works through an example to make it clear for everyone. If the first money scatters give out £1500, you will earn this amount every time you land the wild symbol during the bonus round.


If hypothetically 5 wilds appear, your winnings are 1500×5 = £7500 plus the winnings from the winning combinations you have made.


As with all Pragmatic Play games, it is highly variable with a moderate RTP of 95% and offers a low win frequency, but unbeatable ones when they do occur.


One factor to consider when developing your strategy is the betting limits, which range from £0.20 to £100.


The game has beautiful graphics and music that perfectly fits the setting. Wait no more, test the power of the bulls at one of the Jumpman slot sites.