Best Online Slots Games

“ The game you enjoy most is the best game “


Recently I saw the above statement in a casino forum and I couldn’t help but wonder, “How can I actually answer this question and what are the best online slot games for 2022?”.


I’m pretty sure I don’t have a clear answer to that as whatever I’d answer, it would be mostly wrong. Maybe I like something that someone else doesn’t. Different needs, different tastes, you know…


There’s always another side to the coin. Thousands of opinions from players who daily bet real money on UK slot sites on specific slots. The result is lists of the top rated slot games for 2022 at online casinos.


Not a bad thing! Quite the contrary, it saves us all a lot of searching!

Best Online Slot Games in UK

There are some slots that always rank high among players. For example, Starburst, Book Of Dead or Gonzo’s Quest. But there are also those that appear in the top 10 only for a certain time and then disappear again.


Choosing the best slot games

I have mentioned in several slot guides that you should be very careful before starting the game. You may quickly lose your money playing Casino slot games if you don’t study the games, the rules, the terms and everything in general.


To find the best online slot games with real money, just enjoying the music and graphics isn’t enough. You should also consider the following:

Return to player (RTP)

It is one of the most basic factors that distinguishes the best online slot games for winning from the rest. It’s one thing to play a game with 99% RTP and another thing to play with 95%. As strange as it may seem to you, this 4% makes a huge difference. I know that many of you swear by the RTP, but again that’s not enough, as you should also consider the slot variance.

Slot Variance

I have already analyzed what slot variance is and how you can take advantage of it. A note for beginners: The higher the Variance, the fewer the times you will win an amount. If you land a good combination though, prepare yourself for a tidy sum. So it basically comes down to what you want. Many small victories or a good one? See here the best online slot games with high, medium and low variance.

The functions

The transition from land-based to online casinos was also the swansong for many slot games. In general, 90s games had nothing to offer except a few spinning reels. Nowadays, however, there are dozens of different features, and of course, the really good slot games are the ones that offer 2-3 or more extra functions.

Number Of Reels

From the 90s 3 reels we are now at 10. It’s funny. Yes, there may be a fair RTP (let’s say 95%), but it is impossible to win on such a slot. In general, it’s preferable to opt for online slot games with 3 or 5 paylines.

Μin/Max Bets

The best online slot games are aimed at all players; either they bet a little or a lot. Also, high Variance slots require a very specific betting strategy which presupposes a very low bet at the beginning. The minimum bet amount for a slot is 0.10 cents. Anything less than that is considered a penny slot, which is a completely different story.

A few words about Progressive slot games

I have often expressed my respect for Jackpot hunters. It is not easy to start a session knowing that by the end of it your account may be back to zero. I am not a Jackpot hunter myself, so I am probably not the expert to tell you what the best Jackpot slot game is. What I can say for sure is which ones are the most popular. Mega Moolah and Arabian Nights worth a try.

Winning Real Money From Slots

The year is 2022 and there are still people who believe that they can earn a living playing slots. But we have to accept it. After all, the whole edifice of gambling has been based on selling hope.


However, what I absolutely cannot accept are articles that positively answer the question “Can you win real money on online slot games”. And as if that wasn’t enough, they also tell you which games you need to play to win big money.


Are they lying 100%? No. But they purposely conceal a big part of the truth.


For example, let’s say you’re playing a slot and you bet a pound. The reels spin, you see the word “WIN” on the screen, but what your slot has actually returned is 50 cents.


Did you win real money? yes


Are you really winning from this spin? NO


There is no slot that gives away money, you have to get that into your head. To win real money from online slot games there are only the following ways:

  1. Hit some Jackpot and stop FOREVER.
  2. Go after Freespins only. If you get lucky and meet the wagering requirements, then and only then will you make a small profit.

So if I am de facto losing, why should I bother playing online slot games with real money instead of spending my time playing for free? I think this has mostly to do with why people gamble, and less with the slots themselves. I’m not an expert to answer that. There is an excellent article here. You will find the answers you are looking for.

How to play online slots with real money in the UK?

It is widely known that the British have their own unique way of doing things, and online gambling is no exception. Let’s look at some things you need to know if you are in the UK and want to play online slot games with real money.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to play slots with real money in the UK.
  • You have to go through a KYC Procedure before making a deposit.
  • The UK slot sites must be licensed by the UKGC and part of Gamstop.
  • If you register with Gamstop, you will automatically not be able to play slots with real money at any UK Casino.
  • Credit card deposits are not allowed in Mega Reel slots sites and in all online casinos.
  • There is no option to cancel a withdrawal on UK Slot sites.


Which are the best online games for beginners?

I would recommend games that have no special gameplay and allow for a quick wagering bonus. Such slots are Starburst, Gemix and Starmania.

Which are the best online games for high rollers?

For 200 pounds ren spin I would say Netent’s Space Wars is a good choice. Not the best though. I would suggest Jasmin Jars (100 pounds per spin) or the Book Of Dead (50 pounds per spin)

Are 2022 slots better than those of 2021?

I’d have to say yes. In 2021 we didn’t see a lot of releases. 2022 has already given us some great titles e.g. Gemix 2, το Immortal Romance: Mega Moolah και το Dazzle Me Megaways.

Can you win real money on free slots?

No. Free slots are only there for you to try out the games or to pass your time in case you are not willing to play for real money.

How much do I need to deposit to play real money slots?

At most online casinos, the minimum deposit is ten pounds. The amount of money you need to deposit, however, is dependent on the amount you bet per spin. I recommend that your bankroll is enough for at least 200 spins. That is, if you play with 0.50 per spin, you will need to deposit 100 pounds.