Debit card slot sites

Pursuant to the legislation that banned the use of credit cards by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission in the UK slot sites and online casinos, the rise of debit card usage has been evident. The ban forced players to seek alternative options to use and some of the alternatives in place allowed players to play slots with debit cards. It is noteworthy to mention that the ban came as a reaction to the escalating gambling problem that has been threatening the UK. This ensures that players could only play with the money they owned, explaining why debit cards started to take dominance.


Debit cards come with several merits. One of the main ones includes players using their money since they are linked to their bank account, meaning that there is no likelihood of gambling with debts or money that doesn’t belong to you. Finally, they are highly secure thanks to the security measures employed by banks. Our guide looks at debit cards on the following parameters:

  • How they have been adopted in Mega Reel sites
  • Types of popular debit cards
  • How to make transactions
  • Their pros and cons

Best Debit Card Slot Sites

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Debit Cards On Mega Reel Sites

Debit cards are among the most popular payment options you will find on Jumpman Gaming sites. Aside from the aforementioned merits explaining why the partnership has been smooth and the huge customer base in debit cards, there exist other reasons Mega Reel sites have opted to use debit cards for deposits and withdrawals.


For a start, debit cards come with a promise of low deposit/withdrawal limits, and its ceiling on the withdrawals is set high. This easily becomes an option that caters to both low-stake players and high-rollers. The next big reason is that little to no fees are charged on any transaction carried out through debit cards. Regarding timelines, there are instantaneous deposits and although withdrawals may take roughly 1-3 business, debit cards offer the best solution for high-rollers moving huge amounts of money. This is in comparison to bank transfers that take up to ten (10) business days. Finally, the security aspect is another standout factor that defines both debit cards and Jumpman Gaming sites. And this is guaranteed.


Wondering about the debit cards to use while gambling on Mega Reel sites? Here are some of the most popular:

Mastercard Slot Sites

MasterCard is adopted in 180+ countries explaining its wide use globally. It has also been adopted in gambling and currently, there exist thousands of online casinos that accept MasterCard including all Mega Reel sites. Don’t get it twisted. However, some casinos accepting MasterCard place a caveat. Some will only accept deposits and in such a case, players will have to settle for alternative options while withdrawing.


From its instant deposits, free transactions, and general convenience, the security question has been tackled better. MasterCard Secure Code is an initiative that adds an extra layer of security by combining the PaySafeCard function to your bank. If you opt for the initiative a secure code will be needed to complete a transaction. This code will be generated and allocated to you once you register for the initiative with MasterCard. The level of security is immense. Once the option is selected, a pop-up window will appear to verify your identity and communication will be prompted with the merchant. Then, a personalized password will be displayed on the window and if you recognize the password, like the one allocated while registering, it will signify that it is safe to input the secure code.

Visa Slot Sites

Just like MasterCard, Visa is another payment option that has been adopted globally. With a variety of financial institutions partnering with Visa to issue the cards to its customers, the popularity of the option is at the top. This includes the vast number of gambling sites offering Visa as a payment option.


From the convenience they boast, to the instant and efficient transactions, to the high-level security they guarantee, Visa debit cards are simply one of the ‘must-have’ payment options for slots players.

Maestro Slot Sites

Maestro is a MasterCard product and while its popularity is not the greatest compared to its parent company, its influence in the global space and gambling industry is undeniable. It is likely that your favourite MasterCard casinos are also Maestro online casinos. Maestro offers both a prepaid card and a debit card. The latter will be linked to the player’s bank account and can help them track their balance and payments quickly and safely.


Like all the debit cards on our guide, Maestro debit cards can be also used to deposit and withdraw in Maestro online casinos.

How To Use Debit Cards For Gambling?

If you eventually decide to use your card, you have to be extra careful. The internet world is not always as innocent as it seems. Several sites have created platforms identical to those of casinos and can easily steal your data. Therefore, before proceeding to the topic of ‘how to use a debit card at a casino’, we have to warn you. Trust only reliable sites.

How to make a deposit?

Once you have identified your site for playing slots with debit cards, the process of depositing will be straightforward. Provided you have a debit card (MasterCard, Visa, or Maestro) linked to your bank account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your online casino account
  2. Go to the option ‘Cashier, Deposit, Banking, or My Account’ (depending on the casino)
  3. Choose the debit card you are using as your preferred banking option
  4. Enter the card details and deposit amount on the window provided
  5. Confirm the transaction

Card details entail card number, bank name, name on the card, expiry date, and CVC number.

How to make a withdrawal?

Like making a deposit, making a withdrawal on gambling sites that accept debit cards is easy and straightforward. Keep in mind that not all casinos that accept debit deposits will also allow withdrawals. Make sure to check this. Here is a step-by-step guide to making a withdrawal provided your card is linked to a bank account:

  1. Log into your online casino account
  2. Go to the option ‘Cashier, Withdraw, Banking, or My Account’ (depending on the casino)
  3. Choose the debit card you are using as your preferred banking option
  4. Enter the card details and withdrawal amount on the window provided
  5. Confirm the transaction

Identification Process

The first step to obtaining an operator’s license in the UK is to ensure that measures are in place to prevent fraud and underage gambling. This explains why you need to provide identification when signing up at a new mega reel site, including your age and country of residence. Debit cards come in handy in this process for players who use them as their primary payment methods. A soft identity check will be performed by the casino after creating an account to ensure that the address on the identification card, presented upon registration, matches the address associated with the debit card.This grants the casino permission to view details such as name, date of birth, and address without having to provide documents for verification.


The documents required in most casinos range from:

  • Proof of ID – Scanned copy of your ID card, driver’s license, or passport
  • Proof of address – Scanned copy of your the most recent bank statement, utility bills ( e.g. electricity bill) or council tax

Some online casinos put the verification step in the latter stages when withdrawing. This restricts any withdrawal to be made before the account is verified. To save time, you should verify your account when you create an account.

Why Should You Use A Debit Card?

There are a lot of reasons why you should use debit cards when gambling, but so are some of the negatives associated with debit cards including:

  • Charges: There is no standard fee on debit cards. This is because bank providers dictate the charges that might be imposed. While most debit card transactions are free, some banks may impose charges on their end too.
  • Delays in withdrawals: Withdrawals via debit cards are not instant which is a big contrast to deposits. Withdrawals usually take mostly up to three (3) business days and in some cases, as long as five (5) business days.
  • Some banks ban transactions: Despite their widespread status, some countries/jurisdictions have banned the use of cards for gambling, and to this effect, banks ban such transactions.

On to the positives associated with debit cards:

  • They are almost in every casino: The popularity of Visa/MasterCard/Maestro is undeniable. They are accepted to the same extent as bank transfers, meaning that you will be able to transact in almost any casino in the world
  • Direct deposits: You only need to enter your card details for a deposit to be completed, provided you have your card linked. The highlight is that deposits are instant.
  • You can only spend what you have: The main reason the UKGC banned the use of credit cards was so that players would spend what they owned and not go into more debt than they could handle. With debit cards, you can only spend what’s in your bank account, thus you don’t stand the risk of exceeding the limits beyond what you own.
  • Low to no charges at all: Debit payments are normally free at most online casinos.If they are chargeable, players will appreciate the low fees charged by the bank providers or operators in some cases.
  • It is the safest method: With their link to banks, debit cards use bank security measures to ensure safe transactions. The MasterCard Secure Code initiative is another selling point for MasterCard users.
  • 24/7 customer support: Debit payments can be made anytime and in case of an issue, you can reach the support team that is professional and ready to help 24/7.
  • Easy withdrawals: Despite the timelines it takes to withdraw via debit cards, the withdrawals are easy to make and the major highlight is that the funds will be directly credited to your bank account and you can later withdraw via ATMs.


Can I block my debit card on gambling sites?

Yes. A card locking feature exists that allows you to block any transaction on a gambling site. This is a move that seeks to help combat gambling addiction.

What is the charge for a debit card deposit?

Most debit card deposits on gambling sites are free. However, some banks may charge a small fee while depositing. The fee is not standard and will largely depend on the bank. However, in most cases, it doesn’t exceed 3%.

Is there a bonus if I use a debit card?

Some casinos restrict players who deposit via options such as Neteller and Skrill from claiming a bonus. While some casinos may apply this restriction on debit cards, it is uncommon thus you can readily claim all types of bonuses on debit deposits.

What is best to use? A debit card or an e-wallet?

All options are efficient in terms of high-level security and ease of use. E-wallets, however, are preferred by many for their instant payments for both deposits and withdrawals. However, if you are looking for huge payment limits, then debit cards are the best option.