The new wave of slot fun heading into 2023

Over the past couple of years, online slots have become one of the most popular games at online casinos. Thanks to new and continually developing technologies, online slots have come a long way since the days when you’d simply pull a lever and see which fruit symbols matched up. Today’s slots incorporate the very latest in graphics and sound technologies, with many more bonus features.


Let’s take a look at why slot games are so popular and which slots for 2023 are the best to try out.

Why are slot games so popular?

The online casino industry has become an incredibly competitive environment in which most of us have benefitted from the new and continuous innovation that providers must offer to keep up with the competition and ensure they attract and retain customers. There are now many sites to play online slots, with the best sites offering competitive bonuses and promotions to attract players.


However, online slots are one of the most traditional casino games and are also one of the simplest forms of the game a player can get involved in. Unlike games like poker or baccarat where a great deal of strategy is involved, online slots offer a simple outlet to blow off steam where players don’t need to worry about high stakes or learning advanced strategies to beat their opponents.


Instead, online slots are a simple game of chance that has all of today’s latest gaming features incorporated into them. Some providers are now even offering slot games that resemble that of a video games. By incorporating the latest blockbuster movies and hit tv shows, slots can draw off players’ nostalgia and fandoms to attract players.


The best slot games to play in 2023

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the top trending slot games for the upcoming year, giving them a review so there’s no need for you to work out which ones are worth playing.

Leo Vegas

Top Features: 

  • Potential for huge payouts
  • 3 deposit bonus features
  • Free spins buying option

If you’re feeling in a wintery mood, Leo Vegas incorporates a snow and yeti theme, as well as the tremendous potential for huge payouts. The chilling ice age-themed graphics are spread out across an impressive 6×6 board where symbols can suddenly turn into giant gigablox or ice walls that offer larger payouts.


Players will benefit from a 90,000 x payday on the highly volatile slot, as well as 46,656 ways to win. There’s a 95.5% RTP and the option to buy bonus spins for even more winning potential. If you choose not to purchase bonus spins, the game has a very attractive free spins ratio in which players can land a bonus once in around every 75 spins.


The game also incorporates a retro theme with a fast-paced retro soundtrack for those that love retro games. The best part is there’s a no-deposit bonus offer for players looking to dip their toe in the water and try the game out.

African Guardians

Top Features:

  • Win up to 12,000 x
  • Up to 5 reels
  • Potential for $234,000 cash paid out after just one spin

African Guardians is a new and top-rated slot game for 2022. Released by Microgaming, African guardians is one of the most diverse games that reflects the history of different tribes from across the African continent.


Players will have access to 5×3 reels to spin, as well as 243 different ways to win a single game, making the odds in the players’ favor. Did we mention, there’s also the potential to win up to 12,000 x the stake with players in for the chance of winning $234,000 in cash after just one spin. The game also has a great RTP, with a top value of 96.86%.


Some of the best features include the multiplier wild, a random wild spirits modifier, and four different types of free spins. The free spins offer up to 5x multipliers and players must land 3, 4, or 5 African masks on the reel to receive these.


Overall, this game is a great one for those looking to get the freest spins and bonus features in an authentic themed slot game.


The Bounty

Top Features:

  • Lots of bonus features and unlimited bonus spins
  • Great HD visuals
  • Good RTP (96.08%)

As another top contender by Microgaming, The Bounty has a legendary Western theme with a Dead or Alive type of vibe. What makes the game stand out compared to others though is the multiplier wilds offered in the base game. While players will need multiplier bonuses to hit the top tier of the five progressive jackpots, there are still plenty of opportunities to win big as the highest symbols also pay 100x on the five-reel hit.


There’s also a range of bullet-themed free spins up for grabs, as well as dynamite multipliers. One of the best features of this game is mobile friendliness, in which players can go full-screen mode in landscape on a smartphone or tablet device, playing from wherever they choose.


Overall, as more and more technological innovations are incorporated into the latest slot games, they’re set to become even more rewarding and interactive than we’ve ever seen slot games before. So, what are you waiting for, dive in and try out the top trending online slot games.